Friday, July 13, 2007

New Consumer

The Guardian this week produced its list of top 100 media types (those who wield the most power in the UK media sectors). It strikes us as a crazy list (registration may be required). Barely a representative from book publishing (Marjorie Scardino of Pearson doesnt really count, her background is in newspapers). Eric Schmidt of Google comes in at (1) and Facebook stops the list at (100), with a great many here-today, gone-tomorrow, journalists, pundits and media personalities in between them. Its a nonsense list. If Facebook deserves to be there at all it should be in the top 10, and I wonder how many Googlers think that Schmidt is really more influential than Page and Brin?

Much more interesting is the list produced by New Consumer in the current issue. The magazine's Top 100 Ethical Heroes. You should get a subscription. Here are a couple that I was pleased to see:


Perhaps Jamie Oliver is more deserving of his place in this list, than Gordon Ramsay is of his position of 90th in the Guardian's.

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