Monday, March 31, 2008

The Future of Internet Search?

Mac Funamizu has a very interesting posting which you need to see, as the verbal description is not as compelling as his graphic mockup. Hat tip to Brantley, who emailed me the link.

The first example he gives, of a search on a skyscraper vista, is completely believable. Google has been beavering away with its rich cityscapes. You may have noticed that they added Little Rock, Anchorage and 11 other Metro areas last week. City-scape recognition will be a great way of delivering mobile search.

But I found Mac_Fun's second example even more intriguing. He is right, the device that does city-scape recognition will also do user-generated document scanning. That puts the world of digital documents in a completely different ball-game. The thesaurus example he gives, is a little bit lame......there will be vastly richer linkage patterns available. "Show me who else has read this!" For one. Privacy issues come crowding around mobile search.

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