Monday, June 23, 2008


Zoomii is an imaginative way of using and displaying front covers (works fine in Firefox, not in Opera and Safari). It is an alternative interface to Amazon which gives you a good way of shopping for Amazon titles using a 'virtual bookstore' with the covers on shelves, face-out and clickable to purchase or get more data. I really like the way that it is built on Amazon bookstore meta-data, uses Amazon's S3 and Amazon EC2 (Amazon's cloud computing infrastructure) and of course guides you to Amazon's e-commerce system (it should get a promising flow of affiliate income). This is a business built by, with, from, on, and in front of Amazon. Chris Thiessen, the developer has a blog which reads as though it must be pretty much a one man (woman) and a baby effort. Isn't that cute? Isn't the achievement impressive?

One subtlety appeals to me, you can save bookshelves you may have generated. Here is my shopping cart for P G Wodehouse books. Hat tip to PersonaNonData and Brantley.

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